Rainbow Riches: The world’s number 1 slot machine!

Rainbow Riches is without rival when it comes to stars of the slot machine world. The games takes the popular myth that a pot of gold can be found at the end of every rainbow, guarded by a wily leprechaun, and turns it into something we can all enjoy. The challenge of the chase is all the more rewarding when it finally pays off because we enjoy being a part of a story that has entertained us since childhood.

Reviving these childhood memories is hugely gratifying, and engenders in the player a belief in simple universal dreams of luck and magic that the ‘real world’ all too often forces us to forget. While we know that the odds are stacked against us, the light of hope never goes out when you play Rainbow Riches!

Here are our most fascinating ‘did you know’ facts about Rainbow Riches!

  • Rainbow Riches was first released to the world in 2006
  • Rainbow Riches first went online at Sky Vegas
  • The leprechaun has a name…he’s called Lucky O’Leary
  • There are no cheats or special button codes…all you need is luck and persistence!
  • Rainbow Riches has an official Facebook page
  • The Rainbow Riches jackpot is a staggering £200,000!


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